What Utopia would look like

After reading Utopia by Sir Thomas More, 12th– grade students wrote their own version of what a utopian society could look like.

By Ada Barrientos

Soramons country is a very well-organized society. The government is in charge of the whole country. It provides a job, medicine, and education to each citizen.

The society’s economic structure is based on how much each family has. There are certain families that have more money than others. These families are in charge of building up the country’s economy. They are paired up with the government to develop the country’s infrastructure and to make it a role model country for the rest of the world. Some cities work in coffee fields, agriculture, and with cattle. They have become one of the greatest exporters of coffee and cattle products. The production of goods is more than enough to feed themselves and export goods.

Soramons has its own currency, the rumin. This currency has helped them gain money in their exports. It helped them to buy goods for themselves in a fair amount of money because it has been produced by their own hard work. This society is very busy during the day. The children go to school; the adults work. Sometimes, there are feasts celebrating birthdays or simply a Sunday’s gathering just to eat some food and have a nice time together with families. Each family’s education is based on God’s teachings. It is very important for them to know about God. Without God, they could have not been able to be the developed country they are now.


By Darwin Juarez

Nowhere in the world lies a happy city with such well-fortified walls, warm hospitality, and harmony as Ugorial. The warmth encompassing the citizens demonstrates a willingness and desire to help each other. Every citizen shares his or her belongings without asking anything in return. There is no form of government, nor is there a problem to be solved. What a nice place to live in! The paved roads make it accessible to every home. There is no danger of robbery, no discrimination, no social classes, no violation of rights; it is just a perfect dream place to live.

Every house is equipped and covers all the necessities required. No need to steal! Ugorial’s farmers, mechanics, carpenters, actors, and actresses are all equal. NO arrogance exists. When a problem attacks a certain family, the whole city works together to solve the problem, no matter if they have to risk their own lives. In aspects of economy, there is no currency. The entire city works together for the benefit of the city. Nobody buys; nobody sells. The city has a gigantic storage room where the food is stored and where people can go and get whatever they want, whenever they want it. What a nice place! The religious leaders inculcate love and they ache for seeking God. God is the path to perfection, and they acknowledge Him for all they have. In this society, everyone gets along; no one litters.


By Heidy Orellana

The people are represented by a scholar; he has the responsibility of the city. There are other people including women in the government, and they make decisions that are for the benefit of the city; each person in the government represents a family, the scholar represents all the families.

The social classes on the country are different, but there is no poverty. Every family has their own house, but there is no poverty. Every family has their own house, a house that is safe and clean for its members. A beautiful house with a backyard and with a beautiful garden. Goods and services are exchanged with other cities, and borders are not a problem for the people of this city; immigration does not exist. All people have their own work to sustain their family, the work they do is for the benefit of the city. The goods produced are mostly consumed by the city. Horses are used for transportation in local towns, but for harder transportation trucks are used. The use of horses is to maintain the environment. In order to control population, families are only allowed to have less than three children, and every family must produce a good.