Leo’s Temptation

In language class, the 12th graders read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, and they noted characters struggling with, or struggling to create, temptation. Then, they wrote their own stories of temptation.

Leo’s Temptation

By Nelsy Paz

It was a rainy and cold day when Leo received a letter from his girlfriend. It said that she needed to leave the town and move to a different country. So they had to end their relationship.

Leo didn’t believe what he was reading because it was so terrible for him that he felt no desire to continue living without her. They were going to get married within two weeks and everything had turned upside-down. He started crying and realized that he was not the same without her, he was totally disappointed.

He was deciding whether to go to where his fiancé lived and ask the neighbors for more information about her, when something weird happened in his room. The room got dark and something appeared on Leo’s shoulder: it was an Evil Angel.

Evil Angel: “What are you going to do? Your fiancé is not in town anymore. She left because she didn’t love you. Now she is in another country hanging out with other boys.”

In that moment, the room got lighter and Leo felt something on his right shoulder: it was a Good Angel.

Good Angel: “Shut your mouth, Evil Angel! Leo, your fiancé is suffering the same as you. She didn’t want to leave town, but her parents received some bad news and they needed to go away.”

Evil Angel: “No, Leo! She is better without you. Stay here and realize that you cannot do anything. She is far away and you will never see her again. You are nothing without her.”

Leo: “You are correct! I am nothing, she took my life, energy, and desire to continue living in this unpleasant earth.”

Good Angel: “Leo, stop thinking those dumb ideas, but focus on how you can find her and be with her again.”

Evil Angel: “That’s impossible, Leo! She went to another country. What if she already has another boyfriend? You will only see her again in the other life. I can help you to end with this suffering, my friend!”

Leo: “How can you help me? Are you going to bring her back to me?”

Evil Angel: “No, Leo! You will never see her again in this life, until you die. Your father has a weapon in his room, you can take it and wait for your fiancé in eternity. Commit suicide!”

Good Angel: “No, Leo! Don’t hear him, but if you love her so much, you can use the money you had for your marriage and go find her wherever she is, instead of killing yourself and waiting for her one hundred years.”

Leo: “Yes! That’s true, I have that money and I can ask my dad to lend me some more money and find my love, happiness and peace with her.”

Evil Angel: “Are you kidding me? Come on, I hate romantic scenes.”

Good Angel: “That’s perfect, Leo! She will be so excited and happy to see you again! Good luck, Leo!”

Both Good Angel and Evil Angel disappeared and left Leo alone. In that moment, Leo went to ask his fiancé’s neighbors for the specific place where she was. The next day, he ventured out in his journey in order to find his lovely girl. Within three days, he got to her house. She was amazed to see him again and ran to his arms. After three months, they got married and lived a happy life together.


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