Money or Happiness: The Story of Ricky Rick.

In language class, the 12th graders read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, and they noted characters struggling with, or struggling to create, temptation. Then, they wrote their own stories of temptation. Below is one of these stories… stayed tuned to the blog for a second story!

Money or Happiness?

By Ricardo Alfaro

Ricky Rick was a famous singer; he got almost everything. He got a Nike shirt, got his money, tons of girls, a huge house with incredible architecture full of luxurious details, and the most expensive cars of the Western Hemisphere.

His fans loved him and everybody wanted to be with him. Everybody said that Ricky Rick had a perfect life because he could get anything he wanted at the time he wished it. Every singer at that time wanted to be like him; even Banno was a student of Ricky Rick. However, people did not know that Ricky Rick was not happy. Ricky Rick had everything, but lacked happiness. He was not happy and would give anything or a great amount of money to have happiness by his side. Ricky Rick thought that money could buy anything.

One day, after a big concert in Las Vegas, he was tired and slept in the penthouse of the hotel Caesars. In a dream an angel appeared to him and said to give everything to the poor and follow Jesus; that would bring happiness to his life. He immediately woke up and thought that he had a clumsy dream.

Ricky Rick thought: “How am I going to be happy if I have nothing to live from, how is that going to make me happy?” He was in an internal battle for the next week because he was considering what the angel told him.

Ricky Rick thought: “Give everything to the poor and follow Jesus, as a result I would have happiness. But I would not have money, amazing cars and my awesome house.”

He had to make a decision: happiness with Jesus but not being a billionaire anymore, or stay the same with his money, cars and huge house but not be happy. A very good friend of Banno and his, Joshy, listened to his problem. Joshy immediately reacted furiously: “What? Are you crazy bro? Have you been smoking man? Don’t even think about it, you don’t want to lose all this.”

Ricky Rick analyzed Joshy’s words all the night. And after days of critical thinking, Ricky Rick realized that he wanted happiness more than anything else. Ricky Rick sold his house and bought a smaller one, sold his cars and his recording industries and gave everything to the poorest people of Africa. He financed house building, provided medicine and food for African people. He also made other donations in Central America.

Since that day, Ricky Rick started being happy and learned that Jesus and the power of sharing brought him more joy than money.


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